Roots of Language

This week, while still pondering the numerous questions on how many.  The roots of language peaked my interest.  Indo-European Family of LanguagesThis from two perspectives.  First is that in looking at the origins of language which lead me to this simple diagram that shows a evolutionary path to some of the languages known today.  From a religious standpoint the origins of language diversity initiated at the Tower of Babel, and while scholars might argue the merits of that this image shows some thin threads to a foundation of languages.   The second element that peaks some interest – is do we have a foundation today?   The use of binary code is close, and there maybe some simplistic relationships that enable – dynamic translation between languages for words, ideas and expressions.  Sort of like this wheel.  Right now getting things translated is a one for one transaction, or at least it seems like it is.  Is there a solution through the network to build a pivot point to reach all.  This would be a great tool.

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