How many written languages?

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This week I spent some time trying to understand the scope of the issue in translations.   The first element is there are obviously different thoughts in what represents languages in the world.  The International Mission Board (IMB) indicates that there are over 11,000 languages in the world.  A little deeper look at those languages identifies that it includes languages that are no longer used, it counts segments or pockets of a group with a unique language, inserted into another geographic area (immigrants), and then allows for differences to be included such as the need for brail (or brail like) and signing for specific demographics of people.  So the fundamental question then is how many written languages are there in the world today.  Again, this is an unknown.   A quick search provides hits to wiki answers, and wikipedia that provide estimates between 3000-6000 different written languages, and of that estimated number(obviously with a large margin of error)-  52% of the different languages cover a total population of around 10,000 people.  This link wiki site provides a quick look at estimates related to the types of written systems that are in use today (note these are just the ones that are reported).  So – there is more research needed to answer the following questions.

  • ·         How many written languages are there?
  • ·         How many languages have been created and available and presentable for computers?
  • ·         What efforts are working to add languages to the computing platform?
  • ·         Is there an association between economic –financial systems and written languages?
  • ·         Are the current platforms (web site/ tiki’s and wiki’s) accurately presenting the written languages to natural readers?

Check out the recent addition for John 3:16 in Arabic

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