Helping ALL to hear the Gospel

This last week I have been doing some research to better understand the nature and complexity of the language groups.  I have discovered some great resources and several activities focused on tracking the status of people being reached with the good news.   This is really intriguing and convicting at the same time.  There is a race for souls and based on this automated chart from the international mission board – this picture is a snapshot I took of the chart on Good Friday.  

Follow this link will take you to the dynamic web page

The International Mission Board is tracking this and other outreach efforts to all people/ language groups listing over 11,000 groups.   Raising awareness of the need for oral translations and interest in reaching those that don’t have opportunity to hear the Gospel.

We are motivated to assist in this effort – and continue to seek to expand our efforts to support the expansion of the Gospel into all languages.  See our work at the John 3:16 Project website.


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