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Introducing the Gospel Scarf!

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We offer a 12 panel series of pictographs to assist missionaries and missionary teams in communicating the gospel across cultures. This colorful illustration, which was originally designed in poster form, has been transformed into a decorative scarf that can be fashionably worn or used strictly as a visual aid for evangelistic efforts.  We have reports of salvation experiences with use of the scarf in El Salvador, Ecuador, United States, Madagascar and Haiti.

Can this be part of your missional experience too?  Let us know!  We can also provide posters and Bible tracts or Bible tract templates for self printing, to include the Gospel Scarf. Supporting Scripture Verses and How to use the scarf.  We are in progress of adding supporting tracts available in Other languages (English, Haitian Creole, French).  We are finishing up a series for Liberia (in Kisi).  We do offer missional team packages for church teams and groups.

Drop us a note with your specific interest in the Scarf or in the tract series for a specific country or people group.  We would love to serve you and Gods people.  email us at  There is an order form at the bottom of this page.

ElSalvadorThe photo to the right shows a scarf used in support of a missionary team sharing the Gospel in El Salvadore.  You can see the scarf in the background allowing for a visual experience in communicating Gods Truth.

The scarf design is built around the central ideas presented in the Gospel of John and the Romans road.

In addition we put the same Truths and pictures into supporting language specific pamphlets and tracts and coloring books.  The picture below shows the Spanish series.  These augment the teaching experience.

Gospel Pamphlets in Spanish

A few details about the scarf and presentation.  Here is a sample tract in Spanish this will print by front and back on four pages to make two pamphlets.  Sample Spanish Tract

As is shown below, we focused on an artistic rendering led by an impact statement and scripture reference that can lead to a quick review of the gospel, or a detailed lesson on the topic.  In thinking about the media to present we realized we could prepare posters, presentations and tracts but also thought an easily transportable media would be a scarf – a way to travel the gospel from place to place.  This also can serve to expand our witness as an adornment.

ThiBreak outs snapshot shows the 12 panel array in the scarf – which is 9.5 inches by 75 inches made of pure silk.  A very rich beautiful medium to quickly get attention and transition through the 12 panels.

The panels represent the following ideas.

  • God created and loved a perfect world
  • God gave one initial rule to man to keep God first
  • Man rejected that rule – breaking our relationship to God
  • God can not meet with a broken relationship (sin)
  • Man is condemned to eternal fire because of this broken relationship
  • But God so loved the world (John 3:16)
  • God gave Jesus (His Son)
  • Jesus carried mans sin to the cross and died
  • God raised Jesus from the dead
  • We have victory over Death through Jesus
  • Jesus is the Way to God (John 14: 6)
  • We all must make a choice to self or to Jesus

Detailed description of the scarf.

Beautiful Silk Scarf – presents a series of 12 vibrantly colored images to catch attention and help the wearer convey the gospel message. Each panel is rendered with a short title and a supporting scripture. Pictures and scriptures are arranged to tell the greatest story ever told of how God loves, how much He loves, and the chance for all to know and be with Him for eternity through faith in Jesus Christ. We suggest that the scarf sequence is a depiction of God’s plan for salvation of mankind. The vibrantly colored images pique interest and help the witness illustrate and narrate the power of God’s love.

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